tisdag 12 april 2011

SolidWorks ServicePack: SolidWorks 2011 SP3.0 kan nu laddas ner!

Så har äntligen Service Pack 3.0 kommit till SolidWorks 2011! Utöver att buggar har fixats så har SolidWorks lagt till några förbättringar. Det har bl.a. gjorts möjligt att välja bort ”Note merging”, så noter och dimensioner inte automatiskt samlas när de dras över varandra.

Service Pack 3.0

Drawings: In Tools > Options > System Options > Drawings, the option Disable note merge when dragging disables the merging of two notes or a note and a dimension when they are dragged to one another. Select the option to disable merging; clear the option to enable merging. A new shortcut menu item, Merge Annotations, appears when you select two notes or a note and a dimension, and right click.
 SolidWorks Simulation: In cases of bonding contact between sheet metal parts with other surfaces (solids or shells), the bonding algorithm can enforce over-stiffening due to the gap between the mid-surface mesh and the contact surface geometry. The over-stiffening of the bonding contact alters the calculation of the rigid body modes. The program will calculate all rigid modes (with frequency values close to 0) if you eliminate the gap by offsetting the mesh of the sheet metal parts from the mid-surfaces to the contact surface geometry.

PhotoWorks 360: Integrated Preview is more interactive. During view dynamics (rotating/zooming), Integrated Preview limits refinement until view dynamics are complete, resulting in better coordination between the preview and the mouse movement.

Tedh Andersson
MP Engineering AB

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